Catch Electrical Issues Before They Happen

An "arc flash" is an electrical explosion resulting from a large-scale short-circuit that causes electricity to flow through the air from one conductor to another or to the ground.  Burns account for about 80% of all injuries that result from electrical accidents. These burns often result from exposure to intense heat and molten metal generated by an arcing fault.

An electrical arc flash can happen at any time during your power equipment’s lifecycle. Abnormal conditions, such as improper installation, excessive impurities, or failing equipment will increase the risk.

An Arc Flash Risk Assessment is a calculation to determine the thermal incident energy found at each location which determines the various arc flash boundaries and what personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used in approaching each boundary. The Assessment provides recommendations to reduce arc flash risk.

Munson Electric utilizes state of the art SKM Arc Flash software as its primary tool to develop Arc Flash Risk Assessments promoting the design of safer power systems while applying NEC 110.16, NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584, or NESC (OSHA 1910.269 Appendix E) standards.  Alternative designs can be quickly evaluated, and optimal designs established.

Munson Electric’s Safety Officer is trained in the development of Arc Flash Risk Assessments, the effective use of SKM and provides internal training along with on-site customer training nationwide.