Putting Safety Before All Else

Safety is our top priority at Munson Electric.  Our jobsite safety programs reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure that everyone can complete their tasks safely.  Training, employee empowerment and accountability drive a proactive attitude toward safety protocols at all levels in the organization.


Jeff Hynek is a company and industry veteran with 33 years at Munson Electric.  Jeff joined Munson in 1989 as an apprentice and is a third-generation electrician.  In 2000 Jeff was appointed Munson’s Safety Director.  He is an authorized OSHA instructor for CFR1926 Construction and CFR1910 General Industry and is a Certified Inspector for fall protection equipment.  Jeff teaches classes across 20 states and Mexico in fall protection, confined space, arc flash safety, safe work practices and lockout tagout procedures.   In addition, he is trained in SKM arc flash software and has conducted multiple arc flash audits ranging from field work through designing the one-line drawings, label printing and application.  He is currently working closely with our customers Health and Safety department, traveling the country to conduct safety audits and electrical safety training with customer employees.   Jeff brings an exceptional level of expertise to Munson Electric’s robust culture of workforce safety.